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Our Story

Agatra.com launched in October, 2005 on the premise that internet users (including the founders!) have too many usernames and passwords to keep track of. The burgeoning growth of blog sites, photo-sharing sites, social networking sites, data aggregators of all kinds, file upload sites, and online time-management sites have created the need for online credential storage. Agatra fills this need by letting users create a list of the sites they log into frequently, and by taking care of the rest of the leg-work. Now you can visit Agatra and with just one click, log into most of the top sites on the web.

Agatra In The Press

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Where We Are Located

Agatra, Inc. is incorporated in Cook County, Illinois. If you need to contact Agatra, Inc. in an official or business capacity, our offices are located at:

1101 South State Street
Suite 1200
Chicago, IL, 60605-3175

If you are a user or a member of the press, please use our contact form for a prompt response.