Do You Need a Password Manager if You Use Apple Keychain? (A Quick Guide)

In a world threatened by hackers, keeping your password safe is critical. A password manager allows you to keep track of all the passwords you use within your accounts. Apple has a Keychain that permits something similar. If you’re concerned about your passwords you might wonder – do you need a manager if you have Apple Keychain?

If you use Apple Keychain, you don’t need a password manager. They do the same thing, so your passwords will be protected and remembered through this system.

Read on to learn more about why a password manager is unnecessary with Apple Keychain. We’ll also discuss the safety of Apple Keychain, ensuring that it’s just as safe to utilize as a general password manager is online. There are lots to consider when keeping your information safe on the internet. Let’s get started!

do you need a password manager if you use apple keychain

Why Don’t You Need a Password Manager with Apple Keychain?

Why don’t you need a password manager with an Apple Keychain? If you’re used to keeping your secret information in a database, it can seem unnerving to give that all up for an Apple Keychain service. What makes an Apple Keychain so special that you can get rid of all other services?

You don’t need a password manager with an Apple Keychain because:

  • It holds all data: The Keychain will hold all data you need it to, so long as you have enough iCloud space. It holds more than just passwords.
  • It’s easily accessible: You can locate your passwords right from your preferences whenever you need them, right on the homepage of your system preferences.

These two reasons support this claim. One or the other will do.

If you have an Apple system and still use a password manager, check out what Apple Keychain has to offer. It’s all right there in your preferences, so you can see what’s saved. You need one or the other, but you don’t have to have both.

How Does Apple Keychain Work?

So, how does Apple Keychain work? First and foremost, it’s a password manager. You sign up with the Apple ID you make when you invest in an Apple device. From then on, you simply save your passwords as you go. You can go back and check on them anytime you want, but they can also autofill if you want them to when you log in to an account.

Some other things that Apple Keychain does include:

  • Storing account names for various sites
  • Keeping credit card information for future purchases
  • Forming complex passwords that will keep your accounts safe

Apple Keychain does all these things, working double-time to keep hackers away from your information.

Essentially, Apple Keychain is better than a general password manager. It helps you safeguard your passwords, helps you make better ones, and keeps all the information you could need right at your fingertips.

Is an Apple Keychain Safe?

With all this information stored in one place, you might wonder – is Apple Keychain safe? It can seem scary to have all that valuable documentation locked up in one place. If it’s not secure, it just takes one hacker to steal lots of personal information. Is Apple Keychain safe, or is it risky to keep everything here?

Apple Keychain is safe to use. You can be sure of this fact because:

  • It is defended by industry-standard protection software
  • It can utilize two-factor authentication if you so choose
  • You can select which information you want to store

These factors help make Apple Keychain a safe tool to store your information inside.

With this confidence, you can feel secure storing your passwords here and coming up with new ones to defend your accounts. Apple Keychain is one of the safest things you can utilize to keep all your information secure and in one place.

Can an Apple Keychain Be Hacked?

We’ve talked about how safe Apple Keychain is, but this may not be convincing for all people. Is there any way Apple Keychain can be hacked, even with all the security measures put into place? Can someone break past all of these with a little extra effort?

Although there are certainly highly-advanced hackers that could potentially find their way around the Apple Keychain security measures, it’s highly unlikely. Your information is safe from hackers with the defensive measures the Apple Keychain puts into place.

Can You Still Use a Password Manager If You Want To?

Let’s say you love your password manager, but you also gain access to an Apple Keychain system. Some may be attached to their password manager and reluctant to give it up. That’s perfectly okay! You can still utilize your password manager right along with your Apple Keychain system. It’s unnecessary, but certainly not impossible to do.

Using them at the same time will:

  • Provide extra storage for your passwords
  • Allow you more space for organization
  • Keep your system secure

You’ll get a little extra of everything if you decide you want to keep both. 

Of course, it’s vital to remember that the Apple Keychain will work fine all by itself. If you’re comfortable letting go of your password manager, you should do it. There’s no reason for a password manager with an Apple Keychain, but if it makes you feel better, you can keep it in your system.


Keeping track of all the passwords you use to go online can be a tricky process. A password manager is what most people use, but Apple has introduced the Apple Keychain as their form of password tracking. If you have the Apple Keychain system, you don’t need to utilize a password manager.

I hope this information was helpful! There’s lots to consider when learning how to keep track of your passwords. Once you have a system down, it should get easier. Apple Keychain operates all by itself as an effective way to store everything. You can feel safe utilizing this system.

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